Dear Father in Heaven we come to you today in prayer with our friends in Christ , praying for families all over the world. Our main concern is for salvation. We pray lord for all that doesn’t know your son Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. As we read your word we know how important it is to accept Christ into are hearts and ask him to forgive us of our sins. We know he died for us on the cross so we can live with him for eternity. Father we ask that somehow you will help us reach our family members and our friends that don’t know you. Give us the boldness to speak to them or send someone that they will listen to. Lord I feel the heaviness in my heart knowing that time is running out and we ask that you help us as only you can. Lord we don’t want anyone to end up in internal damnation, so Lord we cry out to you to help us do our part in saving the lost.

Father we also pray for the hungry as there are so many that doesn’t even know where their next meal will come from. Also for children that needs their father or mother to step up and be the parent that they should be. Next we pray for the sick as there is so much illness in this world. We know that you are still a healing God and through your stripes we are healed.We now need to trust and have the faith in your healing power.

Also we pray for the people on our church list and the people that has come up to us and ask that we please keep them in prayer. We pray for our country that is falling from your moral standards at a rapid pace. Help us to remember what made this nation great and let us come back to in God We Trust. Lord help us get together and pray as a family because praying families are in short supply. In Jesus name we pray amen.